Top 3 Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Site


Making a wordpress website is not the most important thing in your blogging career. Anyone can build a website ,especially if its wordpress. The main thing is regulating,configuring,updating the website.Getting the most out of your website and this means that getting the best prformance for your wordpress site. One of the best ways of getting […]

How To Properly Use SEO Yoast Plugin

SEO Yoast Plugin. How to use

Seo Is The first real step towards successfull blogging. If you want more traffic to your blog. Optimize it more for search engines.  This comes to great advantage for wordpress users as they are provided additional plugins for SEO but unfortunately.for blogger users this could really be an issue. Although it is a myth that […]

How To Import Blogger Posts to WordPress

wordpress posts

Blogspot is one of the topmost used blogging platform in the world. With its Google offered services and temendously easy to use features blogspot is becoming more and more popular . Maybe even more than wordpress. New bloggers always try out at blogspot (Original domain = before switching to wordpress.Blogger has its own features and […]